There are 7 modules in this course under three core themes.

  • Learn and Demystify sustainability

  • Measure, plan and prioritise for your company

  • Engage, Monitor and Hold Accountable

Welcome to our Sustainability Course

Gain the skills and ability to:

This course is designed to address the growing need of sustainability practices in business and the shift towards business that incorporates people and planet as well as profit  – giving you the tools, education and drive to pioneer meaningful change throughout various levels in your organisation.

  • Understand the wider context of climate change, sustainability and how it relates to business now and in the future

  • Investigate different actions that can be taken in your organisation, with understanding the potential of technology and innovation to enable sustainable practices

  • Define and explore your stakeholders, and find reasons for collaboration

  • Develop integrated sustainability strategies and ensure they are implemented

  • Lead on articulating sustainability, and drive change

  • Explore the importance of communication, internally and externally

This Programme gives you access to

  • The opportunity to receive £10,000 in investment

  • 1-to-1 Mentoring

  • Templates, tools, and partner resources that can save you over £5000

  • Access to a community of Entrepreneurs

  • Signposting to further support services

What you will learn about

    1. Introduction to the course

    2. Course Structure

    3. Before you begin...

    4. How to use the learning hub

    1. What is sustainability?

    2. Climate Change and Resulting Effects

    3. Key terms

    4. Lazy Persons Guide to Sustainability

    5. Climate Justice

    6. Conclusion, resources and homework

    1. Introduction to Module 2

    2. Assess your baseline (submission due)

    3. Staff survey (Downloadable)

    4. The Drive Towards Sustainability

    5. Debunking terms: Net Zero, Carbon Neutral and Offsetting

    6. Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

    7. Business regulations and important legislation

    8. Case Studies: Sustainable Businesses

    9. Workshop example: Introduction to Sustainability

    10. Tool: The Doughnut Design for Business

    11. Emission Reporting Guide

    12. Conclusion, resources and homework

    1. What is a 'Carbon Footprint'?

    2. How to measure your carbon footprint

    3. The Carbon Footprint: Measurement, Offsets and Action

    4. Offsetting Strategy

    5. Becoming Net Zero: Action Database

    6. Nature Based Solutions

    7. Resource Hub

    1. What is the Circular Economy?

    2. Circularity: Practical Guidance

    3. Case studies: Circularity in practice

    4. Circular Business Models

    5. Resources and Signposting

    6. Homework: How to create a circular office

    7. Workshop example: Circular Economy and Circular Design

    1. Introduction to Scope 3

    2. Assessing Scope 3

    3. Steps to take to reduce scope 3 (your supply chain)

    4. Key Procurement changes

    5. How to engage stakeholders (Action)

    6. Engaging the Board

About this course

  • £600.00
  • 61 lessons

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Sustainability and Innovation Lead Maddie Booth

Maddie Booth, PIEMA - Passionate about sustainability, the circular economy and zero waste. A strong proponent of businesses that combine profit with purpose. Maddie has vast experience supporting businesses on becoming more sustainable from start-ups to multi-million pound companies. During her time consulting so far, she has trained over 120 CEOs and Founders in sustainability and led over 40 businesses on the way to net zero.

Chief Operating Officer at BEC Omran Habbal

COO of BEC & Director of FORWARD Accelerator | TEDx Speaker | Mentor | Startups & Founders Coach | Worked and lived in 6 different countries across Europe, Asia and Africa to develop a multinational outlook and the ability to understand the requirements of the local and international markets. Omran is involved with many enterprising initiatives and working with entrepreneurs, startups and scaleups across the nation and globally!

What Entrepreneurs Saying About Our Programmes & Courses

Adam Carver, CEO of BitGreen

I enjoyed the structure and content of the course. It has made me more aware of both internal and external emission and sustainability forces and how I can mitigate emissions in most aspects of my life and at work

Astrid D'Amelio, Sustainability Lead | EA | International Affairs

The course was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on sustainability, learn implementation practices from active actors in the subject and networking with like minded individuals and companies.


  • Can I have 1-to-1 meeting with experts?

    Of course. As part of the progamme you can book 1-to-1 with one of our experts to provide you with tailored advice for your business

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the progamme?

    Sure, once you have successfully completed the course you will receive approved BEC certificate.

  • For how long can I access the programme materials?

    You will have access to all the programme materials for 6 months.

  • Is the programme designed for a specific sector or industry?

    Nope, this programme have been delivered to all type of sectors and industries that comes to mind. What you will learn through this programme is the sustainability bedrock for any business.

  • How long does the course take?

    The course length for each individual will vary as it is self-paced but it is predicted to take around 50-60 hours, depending on the level of effort you are willing to commit. We would recommend doing the further readings too, these will add around 10 hours. The course is not intended to be completed in one go, but over a period of time to allow you to use it alongside making organisational changes.